Concrete Coring & Cutting

Concrete Coring and cutting:

Concrete scanning: We locate underground utilities such as gas lines, sewer lines, communication lines and water lines before coring and cutting commences. When you call with a concrete cutting problem, we have the solution and are ready to go.

Coring: We use a drill motor that has a diamond infused core bit. We can core anywhere from 0-12 inch diameters to depths of 16 inches. Core drills are used For floor drains, sewer drains/sewer tie-ins, HVAC openings, phone, electrical, cable, fiber optic openings, handrail and anchor holes.

Concrete and Asphalt demolition and removal: Demolition can be tedious and dangerous. At Capstone we take pride in doing jobs as quickly, professionally and most importantly, safely. We have a variety of breakers from small hand held to heavy equipment operated. We have a large number of tools that allow us to effectively remove, handle, and dispose of concrete and asphalt.

Flat sawing: Flat saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine requiring only one operator. They can cut up to 24 inches in depth. Flat saws are typically used to provide expansion joints, remove damaged pavement sections, clean and prepare random cracks for repair, and remove concrete sections for demolition purposes.

Concrete Wall Sawing: Wall saws are typicalJy used on vertical surfaces when a new doorway, window or HVAC openings are needed. Wall sawing employs a diamond blade on a track-mounted system that can be used for vertical or horizontal cuts. These saws run on hydraulic or electric power and are also commonly referred to as concrete track saws. WaJl sawing aJlows for precise cuts in both concrete and masonry structures.

Wall sawing can be performed up to 30 inches deep. Cutting can also be performed from both sides of the wall, giving a total depth of up to 60 inches. If your opening requires a specific angle through the concrete, this saw can accommodate.

Hand Sawing: We utilize a variety of gas powered and electric saws. These are primarily used around small tight work areas or indoors. Our handsaws can cut 0- 16 inches deep. Some applications of hand sawing are Electrical plumbing openings, Ventilation and air conditioning openings, Eliminating over cuts and corner cutting and Concrete Beam and Pipe cutting.